IAPT Conference 2019 04 a 08 de Abril de 2019 20/02/2019 - Atualizado em 20/02/2019 h

The IAPT biennial conference in 2019 is located in Brazil, Latin America, a context where liberation and hope are central motives of Liberation Theologies, deeply rooted in the Latin American cultures. São Leopoldo, located in South Brazil, is considered the birthplace of German immigration that began in 1824. The city has a population of 214,087 inhabitants, having experienced a very strong demographic growth since 1960 due to the footwear industry, with people coming from the countryside to work in factories. The result was a rapid population growth not accompanied by investments in infrastructure to receive such a large influx of migrants, resulting in a large population lacking adequate housing, health, education and other resources. In terms of religion, besides the historical Churches, there is an effervescence of Pentecostal movements as well as afro religions.
Today we recognize a plurality of theological approaches, which require that Practical Theology positions itself in face of these new, sometimes difficult challenges, evaluating how they contribute to a new culture of liberation and hope. In the wake of critical theological approaches in Latin America, Decolonial Theology affords an opportunity to unveil and investigate the different mechanisms that control the economy, authority, natural resources , gender and sexuality, and subjectivity and knowledge.
The topic (De)coloniality and religious practices: liberating hope is the theme of the Conference and will guide the keynotes,roundtables, plenary as well as paper and poster presentations with the aim of discovering the place of Practical Theology in a world with constant changes and contrasts.

Datas: 04 a 08 de Abril de 2019
Local: EST – São Leopoldo, RS – Brasil

Mais informações: http://eventos.est.edu.br/index.php/IAPT2019/IAPT2019



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